Building List:

Tarven: For you to Recruit heroes and runes.
Grocer: Offer items available for purchase. Can be upgrade for more choice.
Warehouse:Where you can check the items you have.
Altar:Where you can get runes and supply by gold or diamonds.
Mailbox: You may receive your ingame mail here.
Arcane Portal: You may enter the daily raids here.
Colosseum: The place to enter the deathmatch battlefield.
Mint: Produce gold. Can be upgraded to get more.
Alchemical Workshop: You may merge runes to create more powerful runes here.
Gem Mine: Get gems by acquiring power spot.
Crystal Tower: Where you arrange the defence team of your camp
Runeshard Labs: Create runeshards by the Inscriptions.
Goblin Merchant: Time-limited merchants who offer precious goods.