Rune List

Rune: Junior Force
Rune: Junior Amp
Rune: Junior Wall
Rune: Junior Shield
Rune: Junior Smite
Rune: Junior Warp
Rune: Junior Cure
Rune: Junior Toughness
Rune: Lesser Force
Rune: Lesser Amp
Rune: Lesser Wall
Rune: Lesser Shield
Rune: Lesser Smite
Rune: Lesser Warp
Rune: Lesser Cure
Rune: Lesser Toughness
Rune: Force
Rune: Amp
Rune: Wall
Rune: Shield
Rune: Smite
Rune: Warp
Rune: Cure
Rune: Toughness
Rune: Pure Force
Rune: Pure Amp
Rune: Pure Wall
Rune: Pure Shield
Rune: Pure Smite
Rune: Pure Warp
Rune: Pure Cure
Rune: Pure Toughness
Rune: Elite Force
Rune: Elite Amp
Rune: Elite Wall
Rune: Elite Shield
Rune: Elite Smite
Rune: Elite Warp
Rune: Elite Cure
Rune: Elite Toughness
Rune: Advanced Force
Rune: Advanced Amp
Rune: Advanced Wall
Rune: Advanced Shield
Rune: Advanced Smite
Rune: Advanced Warp
Rune: Advanced Cure
Rune: Advanced Toughness
Rune: Lesser Dominance
Rune: Lesser Wizard
Rune: Lesser Steel
Rune: Lesser Knight
Rune: Lesser Medic
Rune: Lesser Smash
Rune: Lesser Hermit
Rune: Lesser Ether
Rune: Lesser Resist
Rune: Lesser Strike
Rune: Lesser Needle
Rune: Lesser Revive
Rune: Dominance
Rune: Wizard
Rune: Steel
Rune: Knight
Rune: Medic
Rune: Smash
Rune: Hermit
Rune: Ether
Rune: Resist
Rune: Strike
Rune: Needle
Rune: Revive
Rune: Pure Dominance
Rune: Pure Wizard
Rune: Pure Steel
Rune: Pure Knight
Rune: Pure Medic
Rune: Pure Smash
Rune: Pure Hermit
Rune: Pure Ether
Rune: Pure Resist
Rune: Pure Strike
Rune: Pure Needle
Rune: Pure Revive
Rune: Great Wizard
Rune: Great Cunning
Rune: Great Knight
Rune: Great Smash
Rune: Great Hermit
Rune: Great Curse
Rune: Great Curvature
Rune: Great Flexible
Rune: Great Windtalk
Rune: Great Swift
Rune: Great Knight
Rune: Great Collapse
Rune: Great Needle
Rune: Great Burst
Rune: Elite Dominance
Rune: Elite Wizard
Rune: Elite Steel
Rune: Elite Knight
Rune: Elite Medic
Rune: Elite Smash
Rune: Elite Hermit
Rune: Elite Ether
Rune: Elite Resist
Rune: Elite Strike
Rune: Elite Needle
Rune: Elite Revive
Rune: Advanced Dominance
Rune: Advanced Wizard
Rune: Advanced Steel
Rune: Advanced Knight
Rune: Advanced Medic
Rune: Advanced Smash
Rune: Advanced Hermit
Rune: Advanced Ether
Rune: Advanced Resist
Rune: Advanced Strike
Rune: Advanced Needle
Rune: Advanced Revive
Rune: Great Barrier
Rune: Great Arcane
Rune: Great Kekkai
Rune: Great Chimin
Rune: Great Massacre
Rune: Great Bravery
Rune: Great Revive
Rune: Great Shadow
Rune: Great Exorcist
Rune: Great Corrosion
Rune: Great Sneak
Rune: Great Magekiller

Runeshards List:

Runeshard:Lionheart 1 +50 P.Dmg,last 2 turns
Runeshard:Arcane 1 +50 M.Dmg,last 2 turns
Runeshard:Stoneskin 1 +100 P.Def,last 2 turns
Runeshard:Barrier 1 +100 M.Def,last 2 turns
Runeshard:Mirror 1 +10% Dodge,last 2 turns
Runeshard:Sharp 1 +10% Crit Rate,last 2 turns
Runeshard:Passivate 1 -50 P.Dmg,last 2 turns
Runeshard:Volatilize 1 -50 M.Dmg,last 2 turns


-100 P.Def,last 2 turns
Runeshard:Deterioration 1 -100 M.Def,last 2 turns
Runeshard:Muddy 1 -10% Dodge,last 2 turns
Runeshard:Toughness 1 -10% Crit Rate,last 2 turns
Runeshard:Lionheart 2 +100 P.Dmg,last 2 turns
Runeshard:Arcane 2 +100 M.Dmg,last 2 turns
Runeshard:Stoneskin 2 +200 P.Def,last 2 turns
Runeshard:Barrier 2 +200 M.Def,last 2 turns
Runeshard:Mirror 2 +20% Dodge,last 2 turns
Runeshard:Sharp 2 +20% Crit Rate,last 2 turns
Runeshard:Passivate 2 -100 P.Dmg,last 2 turns
Runeshard:Volatilize 2 -100 M.Dmg,last 2 turns
Runeshard:Penetrating 2 -200 P.Def,last 2 turns
Runeshard:Deterioration 2 -200 M.Def,last 2 turns
Runeshard:Muddy 2 -20% Dodge,last 2 turns
Runeshard:Toughness 2 -20% Crit Rate,last 2 turns
Runeshard:Blade 1 inflict 100 P.Dmg to target
Runeshard:Overload 1 inflict 100 M.Dmg to target
Runeshard:Rip 1 Cause Bleed, inflict 60 P.Dmg, last 2 turns
Runeshard:Burn 1 Cause Burn, inflict 60 P.Dmg, last 2 turns
Runeshard:Corrosion 1 Cause Poison, inflict 60 P.Dmg, last 2 turns
Runeshard:Blade 2 inflict 200 P.Dmg to target
Runeshard:Overload 2 inflict 200 M.Dmg to target
Runeshard:Rip 2 Cause Bleed, inflict 110 P.Dmg, last 2 turns
Runeshard:Burn 2 Cause Burn, inflict 110 P.Dmg, last 2 turns
Runeshard:Corrosion 2 Cause Poison, inflict 110 P.Dmg, last 2 turns
Runeshard:Healing 1 +100 HP
Runeshard:Regrowth 1 +60 HP,last 2 turns
Runeshard:Healing 2 +200 HP
Runeshard:Regrowth 2 +110 HP,last 2 turns
Runeshard:Protection 1 Create a Arcane Shield protect 100 HP
Runeshard:Protection 2 Create a Arcane Shield protect 200 HP
Runeshard:Fortification Cause the target Immune Burn/Bleed/Poison, last 1 turn
Runeshard:Insulation Cause the target Immune Magical Skills,last 1 turn
Runeshard:Harden Cause the target Immune Physical Skills,last 1 turn
Runeshard:Clotting Remove Bleed status
Runeshard:Annealing Remove Burn status
Runeshard:Cure Remove Poison status
Runeshard:Dispel Remove all Buff
Runeshard:Cleansing Remove all Debuff
Runeshard:Wisdom Next move cost no Runic Energy
Runeshard:Fury +2 Runic Energy to target
Runeshard:Haste Cause the target action instantly
Runeshard:Rebirth Cause target in [Protected] status, target die during the status, reborn instantly and +25% HP,status last 2 turns
Runeshard:Thorn Cause target reflect 40% damage to attacker,last 2 turns
Runeshard:Smash Stun target, last 1 turn
Runeshard:Curse Cause target Silent, last 1 turn
Runeshard:Frost Freeze target, last 1 turn
Runeshard:Rage Cause target Chaotic, last 1 turn

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